Subject: The blue shardmind chuckled.
Posted on: 2016-11-26 19:21:35 UTC

"Minimize time, you say? Many things, splitting up will do. Saving time will not be one of them. Accurate, the map may be, though in two dimensions, many things in the third may be hidden. Poor map making skills aside, this map is an excellent starting point. To check its accuracy, we may follow it. Need not go far. Keegra a good point makes regardless. Stay in one direction, one direction to go back," Xiv'riit said, gesturing with his palms.

"Then, know we if the map is accurate."

((I'd like to have Xiv'riit form the facets of his chest crystals into a facsimile of the map, if I may. Could he also extrude it, using the presented image as a top down view?))

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