Subject: Uriel says something along the lines of "Ve'll take care of this Herr Zombie, Bay-Ar-Bay!"
Posted on: 2016-12-27 23:43:26 UTC

Uriel turns to face the Zombie Lord, then contemplates his bladed hand, then shifts his gaze to Virro. He then lowers to a Meditative position, imagining his Eldritch Presence. It's a mess of tendrils, snaking throughout the room, growing heavier around his party's magic users. He sees tendrils that once connected Virro to the Zombie Lord, seeing that some may still be connected.

He focuses his will on the tendrils originating from Virro, attempting to will them to reconnect to the tendrils emerging from the Zombies Lord, in an attempt to restore and strength Virro's command over it. He's also prepared to stop the manipulation should anything unexpected happen (ie, The Zombie gaining control over him).

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