Subject: "Hm. Well, if we're about to enter combat..."
Posted on: 2016-12-24 22:44:43 UTC

"I suppose I should get ready." Virro nocks an arrow in his bow and leaves it ready to either raise and fire at any hostile intruders. If they're not hostile, he'll attempt to persuade, but not to Enthrall, them that they have no reason to attack instead. "Hm. I suppose all of us standing here would be rather inconvenient." He nodded to Shaban, who shuffled away into the first room to look for more equipment, particularly Clothing that conferred an armor bonus. "Now, what was that about my new zombie being different, Xiv'riit?" As he said this, he moved the Zombie Lord in front of the door to help guard it. Davug eyed it suspiciously- he'd learned that sometimes it was hard to tell when certain members of the team were handing over information normally protected by the fourth wall- and decided it was worth more of his attention than the door, so he decided to focus on keeping the new zombie from hurting anybody who wasn't an enemy.

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