Subject: The Orc shakes his head in disgust.
Posted on: 2016-12-10 22:49:42 UTC

"Shaben always was fool," he says.

Virro files away this information, then says, "Nevertheless, this is not a complete loss. I do try to have a second plan ready, just in case the first goes sour." He pulls out a variety of tools from his belt and exchanges his black gloves for a set of dark red ones. He begins attempting to resurrect the fallen Orc. The living Orc decides his time would be better spent helping his new allies, and turns to walk through the door and begin fighting the undead. "Davug!" Virro calls after him. "If you would be so kind, try not to end the undead unless it's necessary. I believe I can use them once I'm done here." Davug nods and proceeds to the other room, ready to fight.

[Virro attempts to resurrect the Orc on the ground, Davug (A.K.A. Orc Bodyguard, then Orc Bodyguard 1, then just Orc Bodyguard again,) goes to the other room to fight the zombies. I think it's zombies. He tries to incapacitate rather than completely destroy, but if it comes down to him or the zombie, it's the zombie that's gonna die.]

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