Subject: Round 12 - Why the world hates Necromancers...
Posted on: 2016-12-19 16:28:08 UTC

Virro: (2) With a burst of magical power you pour your will into all of the remaining corpses and giggle slightly with glee as they all return to life. Unfortunately, they have all risen to life AGAINST you and your party and you will have to fight them again. Even worse, you realize they are impervious to your attempts to control them, and they will be impossible to raise again once you have defeated them this second time. Zombies 1, 4, 7 and 8 all return to 'life' and are hostile to the party.

Evard:() Suddenly the room is no longer as safe as it once was and you flee back into the corridor to the North to hopefully become safe.

Uriel: (4) You search the room more thoroughly but find nothing, apart from four corpses Virro has returned from the dead and somehow set them to be hostile to you.

Keegra: (3) Noticing that only two of the six zombies in the room are on your side you freeze as you try to decide whether opening the door is such a good idea or not. A battle on two fronts is not a strategically good move, no matter how much you lust for battle.

Xiv'riit: ()

Kali:() Suddenly the room is no longer as safe as it once was and you flee back into the corridor to the North to hopefully become safe.

Yeleni:() Suddenly the room is no longer as safe as it once was and you flee back into the corridor to the North to hopefully become safe.

Priya: (12) You manage to grab the Greatsword before it's previous owner comes back from the dead, and noticing it doing so you immediately smash your newly obtained Greatsword into it's head repeatedly. Unfortunately on your last bash you drop the weapon and somehow its blade smashes into loads of tiny pieces which fly everywhere. Most of the pieces hit the zombie and finish it off. However several hit you, finding their way between your armour and into your skin (-10 Health). Well at least you still have your Monk's Spade.

Davug: (8) You head over to loot the bodies, and you are able to get to one Zombie and remove its Leather Armour(Light, +2) and Club(+2) before it rises and starts advancing on you in a decidedly unfriendly manner. However you make no effort to defend as your master has not commanded you to.

Shaban: (4) You stumble to a stop way before the door you were meant to stand in as the zombies rise again to face your master and his friends. You hear their call and wonder which side would be better to join... then you remind yourself of your masters complete control over you and you wonder how you had that thought.

Zombie 2: (6 - 2 Cir = 4) You start to shake free of Virro's control as you see your Zombie friend's rise however you are unable to actually do anything.

Zombie 3: (7 -1Inj = 6) You stumble towards the Eastern door as told to, however you don't quite make it, realizing your fellow Zombie under Virro's will has not moved you move yourself to a position that can overlook both doors if need be... the North-Western corner to be precise.

Zombie 1: (9) You get up and advance on Davug who doesn't seem to be actively defending himself. (+1 Cir until Davug starts to defend). Thankfully (for him) he stripped you of your weapons and armour before you were able to attack him.

Fight!: (Zombie 1 gets (18 + 1Cir = 19) vs Davug (2 + 6 + 3Arm +1Cir = 12). Zombie 1 wins, Davug loses 5 Health). The Zombie punches and claws away at Davug seemingly randomly, although this tactic does seem to work.

Zombie 4: (7) Getting up, you charge at the nearest living being, ready to kill. That it is the Shardmind that helped kill many of your fellow Zombies just makes it better.

Fight!: (Zombie 4 gets (18) vs Xiv'riit (13 + 5 + 2Cir = 20) Even whilst still working out hypothetical formulas in the dirt, Xiv'riit is able to capably hold off the Zombie, pushing it away with one hand.

Zombie 7: (4) Surprised at your reanimation and even further surprised by the lack of ownership the elven Necromancer has over you, you scream in what you mean to be joy, but most would describe a rage and begin to work out who you want to kill first.

Room 4: Where once 8 Zombies waited to attack adventurers, now all have fallen prey to a Shardmind and a Half-Orc. The two Zombies killed outright by Xiv'riit's blast of healing magic are now nothing but dust. One of the remaining Zombies have been bought back onto the party's side, another has escaped Virro's control and is now hostile. However the other 4, despite having been stripped of loot, have risen again and are hostile to the party, due to a mistake by Virro. The room itself has three other exits, two on the right hand, West wall, one noticeably nearer than the other, the other exit door is in the East wall two thirds of the way down the room. Where the far wall used to change colour has now been revealed as a secret passageway leading to a door to the South..


Virro: Weapons - Shortbow(+2) Quiver(38 Arrows), Armour - , Other - (+1 Cir when guarding a door or doorway), Orc Bodyguard (You control what your Orc Bodyguard does each round), Undead Orc Bodyguard, 1 Zombie, Health 30/26

Evard: Weapons - Dagger(+2), Dagger(+1), Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+4, Invisibility), Other - Invisibility (Can turn invisible for one round (counts as a passive action), Cannot be noticed or attacked by enemies whilst invisible, +1 Circumstance when attacking whilst invisible. Invisibility can be activated once every 4 Rounds (Rounds Remaining 0, Invs ready to activate)), Health 27/23

Uriel: Weapons - 2 Club(+2), Mace(+1), Armour - Sturdy Robes(+1), 2 Leather Armour(Light +2 Can't be Worb) Other - Belt of Advanced Monk Training (+3 Dam when unarmed.), Health 33/29

Keegra: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Belt of Monk Training(+1Dam when unarmed), Health 26/22

Xiv'riit: Weapons – Spork(+3), Armour - , Other - , Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Health 25/28

Kali: Weapons - Deer Shot(+3, Deer Fling), Armour - Leather Armour(+1), Other - Deer Fling (Once per room, you may fling a Deer instead of a stone at an enemy. This does +1D8 damage, and the difference between the offence and defence scores (either way) is taken as damage by the Deer. If it survives this it stays around as a permanent companion following your orders), Health 16/12

Yeleni: Weapons - Quarterstaff(+2), Armour - , Other - , Health 30/26

Priya: Weapons - Monk's Spade(+2), Armour - Banded Armour (Heavy, +4), Other - , Health 19/25

Davug: Weapons - Mace(+2), Longsword(+1), Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+3) Leather Armour(+2, Not Used), Other- , Health 25/26

Shaban: Weapons - , Armour - Leather Armour (Light +2), Other- , Health 3/7

Zombie 3: Weapons - , Armour - , Other- No thumbs (-4 Cir when trying to wield a weapon), Stubbed Toe (-1 Inj, 3 Turns Remaining) , Health 8/8

Zombie 1: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - , Health 14/14

Zombie 2: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - , Health 4/4

Zombie 4: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - , Health 11/11

Zombie 7: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - , Health 19/19

Loot in Room 4: Scale Mail(Mail. +3), 2 Leather Armour(Light +2).

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