Subject: Virro rubs his head. "While I agree that I have been most unhelpful recently...
Posted on: 2016-12-21 22:32:19 UTC

was that truly necessary? Hm. I suppose it was. However, you need not insult my necromancy. Or, rather, you need not insult necromancy in general. I have been failing to support this team as I should have been. I believe, if you do not require my aid, I believe I shall try to animate this creature again." Virro turned to the last viable corpse and began working to reanimate it. Davug rolled his eyes and joined Keegra by the door. He nodded at her in acknowledgement of her skill, but otherwise simply waited, weapons drawn. Shaban just did nothing. Virro saw no need to risk his last remaining zombie by making him roll when he had nothing to do.

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