Subject: Apps and Examples (When finished put your apps here)
Posted on: 2016-11-24 17:48:04 UTC

The App:

(Note that nothing besides Race, Class and Health are necessary, but they are nice to have)



Race: - (Power 1) - (Power 2)

Class: - (Power 1)


Anything Else: (Completely optional)

Example App:

Name: Fely Hefelt

Gender: Male

Race: Elf - Arcane Archer - Beast-master

Class: Hunter - Bowman

Health: 7 (1+6)

Anything Else: Likes Anagrams

Example Combat Situation

Fely is in a room (shock, horror!) with an Orc named Bob. Fely being the Elf he is, is equipped with a Longbow(+2), 30 arrows and some Studded Leather Armour(Light, +2). Bob meanwhile has a nice Club(+1). Fely, being the PC in this case, makes the first move by firing an arrow at Bob. Fely rolls a 10 on his D20 to attack, he gets +3 Damage for being a Bowman, and +2 Damage from his Longbow, meaning he has an Attack Roll of 15. Bob rolls a 14 on his D20 to defend, and as an Orc has +6 Natural Armour, this means Bob's Defence Roll is 20. As Fely's roll is greater than half Bob's Defence roll (but not greater than Bob's Defence Roll) nothing happens. Bob now decides to charge towards Fely, rolls an 8 on 2D6 and so succeeds, and surprises Fely with his turn of agility (-1 Cir for Fely's next attack). The attack continues...

Example Exploration Situation

Fely has now defeated Bob and decides to loot the room. He automatically get's Bob's Club(+1) and then rolls a 6 on the exploration table. Fely finds some semi-decent food Bob was looking forward to, but that's about it.

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