Subject: Thanks for the ideas
Posted on: 2016-11-25 07:43:08 UTC

Once again however I think some of them are too OP for this RP, and other need tweaking so that they can fit. I can see a definite power creep between my original races and classes and the races and classes you proposed last time and again between your first set of ideas and this your second. So let's begin.

Thri-Kreen (or the Mantis Men)

Chitinous Exoskeleton I'd like to change, mainly because I gave the classes their armour restrictions for a reason and would rather there wasn't a way around said restriction. I'll take the +1 armour, and take the second part of the Freelance Ability from the Merc, (The heavier the armour, the quicker the Injury heals) and use that as the new Chitinous Exoskeleton

Rending Claws, oh Rending Claws how OP thou could be. Using two fists (which could count as dual wielding) would mean a total of +6 to your attack rolls, which when combined with, say the Brawler and either of the Thri-Kreen's unadusted abilities would make the character way too OP. Instead I'm going to change it to +1 Damage and -1 to your enemies Armour when unarmed.

Natural Monk will be fine once I've gone through Monk.


Collector, nice idea, but giving the character +2 armour AND then a free class ability all at once is too much I think. Instead if I was to add the Fungoid's in, I'd remove their ability to get Shield Wall this this ability, which then makes Collector inferior to Tough Scales...

Watcher, is just an inferior version of Druid, I see no real reason to include it.

Decayer, once again dealing with unarmed attacks, I'm assuming the -2 armour is to the enemy, and not to you. Either way I'm not too sure on this ability, and given the other abilities the Fungoid has, and the host of other armour bonuses various races have, I'm going to say I'm not going to use the Fungoid's.

The Necrons, because let's be honest they're basically Tomb Kings from Warhammer Fantasy

Tomb King (Ability): This one confuses me, it's name and what it does don't really match up at all. And let's move on to what it does do. +2 Damage when wielding 2 handed weapon, OK, that's nice, but then the other two parts of its ability won't really come into play in this RP, the last one almost definitely won't, so with the only downside being negligible I'd have to turn this ability down. If this RP has more talking and wider vareity of people to talk to I would consider it.

Mortuary Cultist: Another one of those gives a bonus AND then gives a class ability, I liked Extendable Limbs for the Tako because the bonus wasn't too much, and it kinda fitted. Here we have essentially a +2 on Attack and Defence against Undead, which becomes +6 on Attack and Defence against Vampires and then the Necromancy ability as well. I think that re-jigging it so that the ability changed it to +2 (instead of adding +2) to the Armour and Damage against Vampires, making it +3 on Attack and Defence (Keeping the Cir bonus the same), and removing the Necromancy ability would work.

My Will Be Done!, is a no. The reason is because whilst I don't mind racial abilities giving limited access to class abilities, I don't want racial abilities giving access to other racial abilities. As MWBD! is, it could be said to completely invalidate th Centaur's Charge!, giving them the ability to always have the other two of their racial abilities at no extra cost.

Given that two of the Dead-People's abilities won't work in this RP, I'm going to say no to them as a race as well.

Now onto Classes


Doppelsoldner, My problem with this ability is that it gives +2 on Attack and +3 on Defence with no real negative to balance it out. Whilst the Bowman will at times struggle to stay out of close combat, there is no reason for the Doppelsoldner to even try and go for ranged combat. If this was to work, I would change the bonuses to +2 Dam, +1 Arm on 2 handed weapons, -1 Damage when wielding one handed weapons.

Freelance: As you can probably assume from earlier, I've decided to remove the second part of the Freelancer's ability from them. My one problem with Freelance is the potential to combo it up with a Charging Centaur and get a +5 Damage on the first round of combat, or combo it up with a Dwarven Weapon Master for a permanent +5 Damage bonus on top of whatever else the spear/lance may give you. My problem is is that I can't quite work out how to nerf it enough to avoid it being too OP, but at the same time still making it viable. As such, and with my problems with Doppelsoldner I'm going to deny the Mercenary class.


With the Mantis Men nerfed I'm no longer quite as scared of the potential of the Monk as i was. However I still think it needs changing.

Martial Artist: I've been thinking and am probably going to remove the OR condition by removing the second part of it, I also think the second sentence needs to go. Instead having Martial Artist will give 1 unarmed attack per round (if the character is unarmed) and all unarmed attacks will do +2 Damage. However I am going to change the Brawler's Slugger ability down to +2 Cir when fighting unarmed.

Ninja: I personally see two class abilities trying to masquerade as one here. My choices for this ability originally looked like this: either enemies have -3 Cir when attacking the Character at range OR +2 Damage from Thrown Weapons and have unlimited ammo. The second one I would eliminate for RPing reasons, the Ninja is not magical, so how does he have an unending supply of throwing weapons? Enchanted bows fire magic arrows, that's OK, mysterious always having throwing weapons? Not so much IMO. So, I decided to mix the two up, the new Ninja, gives enemies a -1 Cir when attacking at range, and a +2 Damage on Thrown Weapons. And, yes as I've included the Mantis Men, I'll be including Monks.


In some ways I like the Shaman, in other ways I feel like both his abilities are trying to gain too much at once, like they could be split up and used to create 2 classes not 1.

Medicine Man: Yes I know I'm going in a different order, there is a reason for this though. First up Ectoplasm, I don't think is going to work in this, I mean I can't visualize how it will work, and is it really worth summoning an ally in if it's going to give everyone else a negative modifier? I don't know, not really. Secondly, Healing Items were, for the most part, not really going to be in the RP apart from in a few select places where they would be specifically mentioned, so I'm not sure how relevant the second part of Medicine man would be. So I'm going to say no to the Medicine Man ability.

Witch Doctor: Now this makes up for it. Splitting Witch Doctor into 2 abilities (Maybe Witch Doctor and Spirit Guide, I'll work on the name) And splitting it equally so one deal with -2 Cir to enemies using magic/magic items in the same room and the other gives a bonus to allies with magic items, works. I think the Latter ability will be restricted to Light armour or clothing, whilst the former will have access to Mail armour as well.

That takes the total up to 9 Races and 13 Classes, which I think is enough for now .So I will be closing applications for new Races and Classes for the time being.

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