Subject: The Orc snarled and began to advance on the Shardmind,
Posted on: 2016-12-03 02:32:23 UTC

The Elf shook his head and gestured to the sword on the ground. "Not yet," he said. "We need every fighter we have right now. We may air our grievances once we have defeated the foes at hand, and believe me, I have some of my own I will be releasing." He shot an irritated look at the Shardmind. The Orc grumbled and cast a glare at the Shardmind, but decided to listen to the Elf. He knelt and picked up the sword, ready to do battle to defend the Elf. Said Elf was thinking carefully. "That sounded like a rather hard knock," he said to himself. "I believe... yes, I believe I may be able to do so twice. Bloodfist, would you mind stepping away from the door?"

[Orc Bodyguard grabs Longsword and stands next to Virro, ready to protect him from any attackers. Virro prepares to attempt to enthrall the Orc on the other side of the door as soon as he enters, and wonders if this counts a guarding, therefore giving him his bonus.]

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