Subject: Round 2 – This may take a while…
Posted on: 2016-11-27 11:11:52 UTC

Virro Deverin: (10) You are an excellent door guard. None have stood as vigiliant as you in an age, watching the door in case any evil would dare to walk through. Thankfully none does, and as the time passes you get the feeling that perhaps, none will. After all this is less off an action and more a reaction is it not? Still with your newfound expertise you think you may be even more valuable to the party than before (+1 Cir when guarding a door or doorway).

Evard Black (6) Looking at all the weapons you are almost sad when you realize that you can only see two daggers on the wall. Regardless you pick them up, testing their weight, you are happy with them, but you wonder if you should pick up some armour, or at the very least something to hold the daggers in. (Gained Dagger +2, Dagger +1).

Uriel Seraphim: (8) You set up your tea set expertly, making sure everything is perfectly in place for a nice reinvigorating brew. As the water boils you search the room high and low to see if it has any secrets. Unfortunately for you, this room does not. Still, as they say "a watched pot never boils." And you certainly want yours to boil so you can have some tea.

Keegra Bloodfist: (8) Some of the pieces of armour you recognise, others you don't. The ones you do are made by world-renowned smiths of all races, whoever collected these pieces for you to use certainly didn't discriminate against race when they were picking them. The armour ranges from well made pieces of plate armour, all the way to what looks like normal pieces of clothing, and almost everything in between. Your gut instinct also tells you that not only is not one piece of this armour cursed or meant to harm the party in any way, it is almost as if someone wants the party to have this armour. You assume the same can be said of the weaponry.

Xiv'riit: (9) Looking over the racks of weapons you spot one that looks perfect for you. Reaching up to grab it, you lift it down and look at your wondrous new weapon. It is only as you look at it you see the stylized R engraved into the hilt. This must be the legendary Spork of Rogmarys, the ancient Dwarven hero who was said to be able to beat entire armies by himself, and when the battle was done would sit down, and with this Spork eat an entire pig by himself. What is that you say? It must be hard to eat an entire pig with just a Spork? Well, you my friend obviously did not know Rogmarys. (Gained Spork(+3))

Kali Bunga: (10) Seeing Uriel check the room you are in to no avail, you decide to see if you can use your tracking skill to determine what lays beyond the eastern door. Turning your attention that way you use your highly honed senses to almost completely map the place out. It is an empty corridor, and just like on the map it only has two exits, one at the end of the corridor, and one halfway down on the right. You think you hear voices from behind one of the doors, but you are not sure if you are correct, what language they are speaking in, or which door they come from.

Yeleni: (4) Distracted and disappointed by the fact that nothing happens to either the Half-Orc, the Tako or one of the other Shardminds you assume that both the weapons and the armour are safe to touch. Beyond that you watch the tea set in the middle of the room, wondering why one of your companions has decided to make tea now, of all times.


Virro: Weapons - Armour - Other - (+1 Cir when guarding a door or doorway)

Evard: Weapons - Dagger(+2), Dagger(+1) Armour - Other -

Uriel: Weapons - Armour - Other -

Keegra: Weapons - Armour - Other -

Xiv'riit: Weapons – Spork(+3) Armour - Other -

Kali: Weapons - Armour - Other -

Yeleni: Weapons - Armour - Other -

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