Subject: Round 6 - Now with -2% more action!
Posted on: 2016-12-02 23:12:46 UTC

Virro: (7) You manage to pick the tea up, pour a cup for Uriel and give it to him. Making sure he is comfortable and able to drink the tea, you go to check on your Orc bodyguard.

Evard: You don't move, remaining in a good position to flank anything coming through the doorway, your nose starts to twitch at the cheesy smell coming from below however.

Uriel: (7) You manage to drink the cup of tea Virro gave you, (6) You feel slightly better and slightly more rejuvenated but that is it. Unfortunately there is no tea left in the pot. Lost item Tea.

Keegra: (10) You manage to shut the door successfully and are able to find the perfect brace position to hold to make sure you won't let the door open, no matter what. You are so successful you manage to remember this position for the future. Gained Brace (+1 Cir when holding a door open or shut and when being pushing).

Xiv'riit: (9 - 2inj = 7) You are successfully able to heal yourself of your injuries.

Kali: You don't move from your position, fortunately on the right side of the doorway.

Yeleni: Still in shock you don't move a muscle.

Orc Bodyguard: (4) You search for a suitable weapon, but don't actually pick one up.

Orc 2: (12) The second Orc charges the now shut door. Unfortunately for it, despite it's fantastic charge, Keegra manages to hold the door shut, her perfect braced position helping her. Even more unfortunately for the Orc, during it's charge it smashed its head into the door, buckling the wood on the other side. This gives it a really bad concussion (-4 Inj, 2 turns remaining)

Room 4: (3) The bashing against the door still continues, pounding like a drum.


Virro: Weapons - Shortbow(+2) Quiver(38 Arrows), Armour - , Other - (+1 Cir when guarding a door or doorway), Orc Bodyguard (You control what your Orc Bodyguard does each round), Health 26/26

Evard: Weapons - Dagger(+2), Dagger(+1), Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+4, Invisibility), Other - Invisibility (Can turn invisible for one round (counts as a passive action), Cannot be noticed or attacked by enemies whilst invisible, +1 Circumstance when attacking whilst invisible. Invisibility can be activated once every 4 Rounds (Rounds Remaining 1)). Health 23/23

Uriel: Weapons - Mace(+1), Armour - , Other - , Health 29/29

Keegra: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Health 18/22

Xiv'riit: Weapons – Spork(+3), Longsword(+1) Armour - , Other - , Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Health 20/28

Kali: Weapons - Deer Shot(+3, Deer Fling), Armour - Leather Armour(+1), Other - Deer Fling (Once per room, you may fling a Deer instead of a stone at an enemy. This does +1D8 damage, and the difference between the offence and defence scores (either way) is taken as damage by the Deer. If it survives this it stays around as a permanent companion following your orders), Health 12/12

Yeleni: Weapons - Quarterstaff(+2), Armour - , Other - , Health 26/26

Orc Bodyguard: Weapons - , Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+3), Other- , Health 13/26

Orc 2: Weapons - Mace(+1), Armour - Leather Armour (Light +2), Other- Concussion (-4Inj 2 turns remaining), Health 16/16

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