Subject: Round 9: Necromantic Shenanigans
Posted on: 2016-12-13 02:05:26 UTC

Virro: (7) Concentrating on your magic you are able to draw the lifeforce of the dead Orc back into its body. Unfortunately not everything worked as planned as your new Undead Orc Bodyguard seems to have lost quite a few grey cells and is now unable to use any weapon effectively. Also, you know that as an undead he is not able to get any of the skills Orcs normally get. Gained Undead Orc Bodyguard.

Evard: ()

Uriel: (7) You find a pair of bagpipes and go and pick them up, someone obviously thought that with the awful noise they made they were a weapon. Unfortunately, if anything playing the bagpipes is more likely to get you attacked by enemies, not less (they know if you're playing the bagpipes you can't defend yourself as well). Gained Bagpipes (-1 Cir in combat when equipped).

Keegra: (10 - 3Inj =7) Letting out a roar you charge into the group of zombies, the first to feel your wrath isn't armed and only wears some rags on his back.

Fight!: (Keegra vs Zombie 3. Keegra gets (17 + 4 Dam = 21) vs Zombie 3 (3 + 6 = 9) Zombie 3 loses 12 Health. Zombie 3 dies). Smashing one Zombie into the dust as a burst of healing magic flows through you, you feel stronger and ready to take on another Zombie, this one is also unarmed and wears only basic ragged clothing. (Keegra vs Zombie 7. Keegra gets (19 + 4 Dam = 23) vs Zombie 7 (12 + 6= 18) Zombie 7 loses 5 Health.) Between your fists and the burst of healing magic, Zombie 7 falls as well. With one strike left in you, you turn towards a slightly tougher opponent, this Zombie is dressed in some cheap looking hide armour. (Keegra vs Zombie 4. Keegra gets (14 + 4 Dam = 18) vs Zombie 4 (5 + 6 + 1 Arm = 12) Zombie 4 loses 6 Health, Zombie 4 dies). With fists of fury you strike it again and again until you realize there is little left of it.

Xiv'riit (11) Noticing Keegra still limping slightly as she charged into the zombies, you focus your healing magics and let them loose. Not only do you heal Keegra's ankle just before she starts fighting, you also let loose a slightly uncontrolled burst of healing magic that spreads out around you. You feel stronger and you are sure Keegra and the Orc Bodyguard are feeling better as well. As most people know, what is good for the living is not good for the undead and your erratic burst of magic damages them all, killing two outright, and letting Keegra finish off two more. (Zombies 2-8 lose 8 Health, Keegra, Orc Bodyguard, Xiv'riit gain 8 Health, all injuries cured before battle.)

Kali ()

Yeleni: ()

Priya: () Having heard of the group of adventurers planning to conquer the Bore-Hole and beat Paarnax, you headed out from your homeland to join them. Unfortunately you arrive after they had set out and you have always been behind until now. Entering into the starting room, you barely notice the members of the party still in the room, or the fact that the door behind you has slammed shut and seemingly melded back into the wall again. Scampering down the corridor you find yourself in front of Room 4.

Orc Bodyguard (6) You make it to the door, but seeing the Half-Orc taking on the zombie quite capably by herself you decide to stop and stare, I mean watch her.

Zombie Orc Bodyguard: (7) Shaben successfully gets up this time.

Zombie 2: (4) Noticing the Half-Orc tear through its fellow zombies with the aid of magic, Zombie 2 stands still in fright. Hoping to be mistaken for anything but a Zombie.

Zombie 8: (7) Zombie 8 decides the best things to do is to attack. And with Keegra being the only viabe target, it decides that to try and gett revenge for its comrades.

Fight!: (Zombie 8 vs Keegra. Zombie 8 gets (1 + 2 Dam = 3) vs Keegra gets (10 + 6 = 16)). Hardly even aware of the Zombie trying to attack her, Keegra stretches lazily from her round of killing and mayhem and manages to snag herself yet another kill as her fist connects with the zombie and kills it.

Room 4: Where once 8 Zombies waited to attack adventurers, now all bar one had fallen prey to a Shardmind and a Half-Orc. The two Zombies killed outright by Xiv'riit's blast of healing magic are now nothing but dust, however the other five still lay on the ground, able to potentially be resurrected. The room itself has three other exits, two on the right hand, West wall, one noticeably nearer than the other, the other exit door is in the East wall two thirds of the way down the room. The far wall changes colour for a little bit roughly opposite the door you entered through.


Virro: Weapons - Shortbow(+2) Quiver(38 Arrows), Armour - , Other - (+1 Cir when guarding a door or doorway), Orc Bodyguard (You control what your Orc Bodyguard does each round), Undead Orc Bodyguard, Health 26/26

Evard: Weapons - Dagger(+2), Dagger(+1), Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+4, Invisibility), Other - Invisibility (Can turn invisible for one round (counts as a passive action), Cannot be noticed or attacked by enemies whilst invisible, +1 Circumstance when attacking whilst invisible. Invisibility can be activated once every 4 Rounds (Rounds Remaining 1)), Health 23/23

Uriel: Weapons - Mace(+1), Armour - Sturdy Robes(+1), Other - , Health 29/29

Keegra: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Health 22/22

Xiv'riit: Weapons – Spork(+3), Armour - , Other - , Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Health 21/28

Kali: Weapons - Deer Shot(+3, Deer Fling), Armour - Leather Armour(+1), Other - Deer Fling (Once per room, you may fling a Deer instead of a stone at an enemy. This does +1D8 damage, and the difference between the offence and defence scores (either way) is taken as damage by the Deer. If it survives this it stays around as a permanent companion following your orders), Health 12/12

Yeleni: Weapons - Quarterstaff(+2), Armour - , Other - , Health 26/26

Priya: Weapons - Monk's Spade(+2), Armour - Banded Armour (Heavy, +4), Other - , Health 25/25

Orc Bodyguard: Weapons - Longsword(+1), Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+3), Other- , Health 26/26

Undead Orc Bodyguard: Weapons - , Armour - Leather Armour (Light +2), Other- , Health 7/7

Zombie 2: Weapons - Club(+2), Armour - Leather Armour (Light, +2), Other- , Health 1/9

Loot in Room 4: [Leather Armour(Light +2), Club(+2)] Zombie 1, [Zombie 3, Zombie 7], [Hide Armour(Light, +1)] Zombie 4, [Scale Mail(Mail. +3), Greatsword(+2)] Zombie 8. (12 graves which may be lootable, 8 of which are open obviously the ones from which the Zombies came from)

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