Subject: Round 20 - You Shall Now Pass!
Posted on: 2017-01-31 01:51:15 UTC

Virro: (7 + 2Cir = 9) You manage to successfully bargain with Renna. Although it does not appear that the other Elf was going to charge you for enchanting a bow for you, she was going to ask you to do a task that she will not specify exactly. However your charismatic personality wins her over, and she agrees that you do not have to do the task for her, she says she is sure someone else can do it if need be. .

Evard: ()

Uriel: (6) You brew what appears to be a normal cup of tea and are eager to drink it. Gained Tea.

Keegra: (11) From the shocked looks on the faces of all in The Last Bastion, you assume that the answer is, no, they did not know about it. A fact that Rudig soon confirms. A talk between the occupants of The Last Bastion reveal their certainty that noting hostile, alive or undead is in the room at the end of the secret passageway, although that doesn't mean the room is completely safe as there are trapped rooms in the dungeon waiting for someone to spring the trap and dies from them. You manage to convince Gikur and Gantuxuz to explore the passageway and the room beyond with you.

Xiv'riit: (10) Like Keegra you ask your questions and the occupants of The Last Bastion respond sincerely. They honestly had no idea that the passage had existed until Keegra had found it. It is thanks to your questions that Gantuxuz decides to help Gikur explore the passageway. Blearm meanwhile is bouncing up and down excitedly at the thought of someone trading with him.

Kali: ()

Yeleni: ()

Priya: ()

Davug: () You wait in the Last Bastion for Virro's next orders

Shaban: () You wait in the Room 4 for Virro's next orders

Room 5: There are five male warriors standing a little bit back from the door in a line. The outer two are Lizardmen, whilst the other three are all dwarves The dwarves are clad in plate mail, and wield a shield and an axe each, the two Lizardmen are wearing some kind of Heavy Armour and are wielding Greatswords. Each of the Lizardmen are also holding the collars of a Guard Dog and seem ready to release them at a moments notice. Further back there is a female elf wearing Leather armour, wielding a Longbow with a full quiver of arrows on her back, Next to her is a female Centaur wearing Mail Armour with some Javelins strapped to her back. Finally, almost out of sight is a small Kobold in Light armour with a sling. The room itself is another long rectangle, although this one is thinner than room 4. There do not appear to be any other doors in this room, although a lone painting seems to stand out almost at the far end of the North Wall and two lighter shades of stone are almost opposite each other on the North and South Walls about a third of the way down. The rest of the room looks well used, a temporary smithy/kitchen seems to have been set up alongside some benches and desks with things going on on them and a small sleeping area. Noticing you are not Undead, the Warriors seem to relax slightly, and bid you welcome to, as they call it, "The Last Bastion."

Rudig: () You puzzle over the existence of the newfound passageway and begin to work out how would be best to hold it in case things take a turn for the worse.

Gikur: (5) You advance up the passageway, however you are unable to open the door at the end, it is not locked, merely stuck in place, and appearing to swing into the passageway instead of into the room, you are unable to make any progress.

Urouk: () You watch Uriel make the tea, raising an eyebrow at the practice but otherwise leaving him to it.

Trijask: () You continue to guard the door to The Last Bastion and watch for enemies to kill.

Gantuxuz: (5) You are very sure the passageway itself has no traps or other secrets hidden along it, however, like Gikur you are unable to get the door open.

Guard Dogs: () you wait for Trijask to give you an order and attack.

Renna: ()

Prilanos: ()

Blearm: () you giggle quietly, the normal people in The Last Bastion ignore you as they always do, you know you're not right in the head, if you were you wouldn't be where you are. Still, you wonder if any of the newcomers have anything interesting to trade, it would be nice to just be a merchant again.


Virro: Weapons - Shortbow(+2) Quiver(35 Arrows), Armour - , Other - (+1 Cir when guarding a door or doorway), Orc Bodyguard (You control what your Orc Bodyguard does each round), Undead Orc Bodyguard, Necromantic Genius (+2 Cir when trying to raise undead), Cracked Bow (-2 Dam when firing bow, can be removed by swapping bow or getting it repaired by a smith.) Health 22/26

Evard: Weapons - Dagger(+2), Dagger(+1), Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+4, Invisibility), Other - Invisibility (Can turn invisible for one round (counts as a passive action), Cannot be noticed or attacked by enemies whilst invisible, +1 Circumstance when attacking whilst invisible. Invisibility can be activated once every 4 Rounds (Rounds Remaining 0, Invs ready to activate)), Health 27/23

Uriel: Weapons - Club(+2), Armour - Sturdy Robes(+1), 2 Leather Armour(Light +2 Can't be Worn) Other - Belt of Advanced Monk Training (+3 Dam when unarmed.), Knife-Hand (+2 Dam when Unarmed, Can only hold items with one hand, Improved.), Club(+2, Not used), Tea, Health 33/29

Keegra: Weapons - , Armour - , Other - Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Belt of Monk Training(+1Dam when unarmed), Undead Bane (+3 Cir When fighting Undead), Rudig's Horn (Can be used twice to summon Rudig and a random number of others from the Last Bastion to help you until the end of the fight, can be used as a free action whilst in a fight) Health 25/22

Xiv'riit: Weapons – Spork(+3), Armour - , Other - , Ring of Thur ('Rub thrice and drop it' and a mysterious stranger may arrive to help you for a turn, One use only), Known Enemy (+2 Cir when interacting with Zombie Lords), Undead Bane (+2 Cir when fighting Undead) Health 20/28

Kali: Weapons - Deer Shot(+3, Deer Fling), Armour - Leather Armour(+1), Other - Deer Fling (Once per room, you may fling a Deer instead of a stone at an enemy. This does +1D8 damage, and the difference between the offence and defence scores (either way) is taken as damage by the Deer. If it survives this it stays around as a permanent companion following your orders), Health 16/12

Yeleni: Weapons - Quarterstaff(+2), Armour - , Other - , Health 30/26

Priya: Weapons - Monk's Spade(+2), Armour - Banded Armour (Heavy, +4), Other - , Health 19/25

Davug: Weapons - Mace(+2), Armour - Studded Leather Armour(+3) Leather Armour(+2, Not Used), Other- Admirer(+2 Cir when fighting alongside Keegra), Health 18/26

Shaban: Weapons - , Armour - Leather Armour (Light +2), Other- , Health 3/7

Gikur Ironfeet: Weapons - Waraxe(+2, Improved), Armour - Full Plate(Plate, +7), Shield(+3) Other - , Health 21/21

Udouk Goldtank: Weapons - Waraxe(+2, Improved), Armour - Full Plate(Plate, +7), Shield(+3) Other - , Health 24/24

Rudig Stoneheart: Weapons - Waraxe(+2, Improved), Armour - Full Plate(Plate, +8), Shield (+4) Other - , Health 25/25

Trijask: Weapons - Greatsword(+3), Armour - Banded Armour(Heavy, +6), Other - , Health 29/29

Gantuxuz: Weapons - GreatSword(+4), Armour - Banded Armour (Heavy, +7), Other - , Health 18/18

Guard Dog 1: Weapons - Teeth(+2), Armour - , Other - , Health 6/6

Guard Dog 2: Weapons - Teeth(+3), Armour - , Other - , Health 4/4

Renna Liaran: Weapons - Longbow(+5 (2+3), 99 Arrows Remaining), Armour - Leather Armour(Light, +3), Other - , Health 25/25

Prilanos: Weapons - Javelins(+1, 22 Remaining), Armour - Holy Scale Armour(Mail, +4, +2 Cir When Healing/removing injuries, +4 Health given when restoring Health), Other - , Health 27/27

Blearm: Weapons - Sling(+2), Armour - Padded Armour(Light, +3, Can only be worn by Kobolds, Goblins and Halflings), Other - Hyperspace Market Stall (Can trade with people), Health 10/10

Loot in Room 4: 2 Leather Armour(Light +2), Mace(+1), Scale Mail(Mail. +3)

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