Subject: One of the dwarves nodded and stepped forward.
Posted on: 2017-01-01 23:44:33 UTC

"Hail Keegra Bloodfist of the Frostwolf Tribe, my name is Rudig Stoneheart. I lead what is left of this expedition. We came down here almost a year ago now to kill Paarnax the Dragon, we were the largest expedition to ever make it down the Bore-Hole. At first we were made good progress until we came to a room to the South East of here where an acid river runs through the dungeon. Some tried to cross it and died, and we could find no way past it and through to the caverns beyond."

"There is a way however, as Paarnax's minions used it to kill off our scouts at night, and slowly we had to retreat back towards the entrance. That was when Paarnax revealed his true plan, he has a coven of Necromancers in his employ and they had raised all our dead and charged them against us. We fought for hours and lost many of our own, who were then raised against us. Eventually about 20 of us made it to this room and the room you just came from. That number steadily decreased as we lost scouts and others to Paarnax's minions to those of us you see now."

"Up until a couple of months ago we were able to get scouting parties out of the entrance to the Bore Hole to gather food, and it's just as well we stockpiled it and didn't lose the stockpile when Paarnax's minions attacked us. As the way is now blocked and so we're slowly running out of food, but we reckon we can hold on for a little while longer."

Rudig stopped for a second. "So, I assume you are here to try and succeed where we had failed?"

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