Subject: Some more Race and Class ideas.
Posted on: 2016-11-25 06:04:09 UTC


Thri-Kreen (Mantis-people)

Chitinous Exoskeleton: +1 Armour at all times. May wear Armour from one tier above their Class restrictions, where relevant. (For example, a Thri-Kreen Brawler with the Slugger trait would be able to wear Mail Armour, but not Heavy Armour or above.)

Rending Claws: +2 Cir and +1 Damage when Dual-Wielding; +1 Cir and +2 Damage unarmed.

Natural Monk: If you are not a Monk, pick one of the Monk's abilities and take it. If you are a Monk, you get both abilities.

Fungoid (Mushroom-people)

Collector: Has +2 Armour against all sources of damage except Fire. You gain the Shield Wall class trait, regardless of whether or not your character is a Knight.

Watcher: May take a turn to attempt to either control or improve a single object made of wood or similar organic materials in the room, made on a DC of the DM's discretion. May not be used in combat.

Decayer: Do +1 Damage to a target for every unarmed attack you made on it in the last three turns. -2 Armour in all situations.

Nehekharan (Dead-people)

Tomb King: +2 Damage when wielding two-handed weapons of any kind. +2 Cir when talking to commoners and merchants, -2 Cir when talking to nobles and similar elites.

Mortuary Cultist: +1 Cir, Armour, and Damage when fighting Undead of any kind, with a further +2 to all of the above against Vampires. You gain the Necromancer class trait, regardless of whether or not you are a Wizard.

My Will Be Done!: All allies in the room (NB: This does not include yourself) may Charge, regardless of whether or not they are Centaurs. If they are Centaurs, they may stop their Charge at will rather than take damage or hit an ally.




Doppelsoldner: +1 Cir, +1 Damage, and +2 Armour when wielding a two-handed melee weapon. -2 Damage from Ranged Weapons. May not wear Plate Armour

Freelance: +3 Damage when using spears and/or lances, -2 Damage from all other weapons. Injuries heal faster the heavier Armour tier you wear.


Martial Artist: May make two additional unarmed attacks per round OR make their weapon deal +1D3 extra damage this round. May not use sharp weapons, but blunt weapons gain +1 Cir. Cannot wear Light Armour or better.

Ninja: Enemies have -3 Cir when attacking this character at range, while you gain +2 Cir and +2 Damage using throwing weapons. Your throwing weapons do not require ammunition. Cannot wear Mail Armour or better.


Witch Doctor: Enemies have -2 Cir when attempting to use Magic Items and/or spells. Allies, including yourself, gain +1 Cir and +2 Armour if they are holding a Magic Item. Cannot use Mail Armour or better.

Medicine Man: Can create/control Ectoplasm in the same way that Sorcerors can Fire or Ice. Works in the same way; however, allies and enemies alike suffer -1 Cir when fighting while Ectoplasm is being used. +3 Cir when looting a room for healing items. Cannot wear Light Armour or better.

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