Subject: Virro turns to the Orc.
Posted on: 2016-11-30 01:30:22 UTC

He speaks quietly to the Orc (who shall remain nameless until he can share his own name with the audience), who growls something in reply. Virro speaks once more, and the Orc growls again. Virro says something more insistently, and the Orc shakes his head firmly. The Elf sighs, and backs out of the line of sight of the door, the Orc positioning himself in front of him, readying himself to defend Virro from any danger.

"I shall try to act more quickly next time, Uriel," he says to the green Shardmind. "I am afraid circumstances conspired to prevent my actions from taking place when they should have. I have taken steps to rectify this." He then turns to search the arms racks, hoping this short interlude will give him time to find a weapon, again, preferably a bow, but anything would do at the moment.

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