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Posted on: 2016-05-12 03:27:34 UTC


Type-100s and above are humanoid TARDISes. Their Matrix can fully interact with their crew and pilots. Outwardly, they resemble humanoids. The first Type-100 or something was actually one of the Doctor's companions: she was implanted with TARDIS tech and it sort of... grew. Took over her, mutated her, turned her into a half-human, half TARDIS monstrosity. The Time Lords managed to negotiate a... breeding agreement with her and thus the first humanoid TARDISes were born.

Intelligent, cunning, and extremely creepy. 0/10, would not drive again.


I'm compensating for my tiny and inadequate self-esteem.

Serious answer: a MA5B doesn't shoot 8mm uranium spikes at hypersonic speeds. Plus, I'm a Spy, not an action agent: if I need to defend myself, I'm going to set up an ambush where the odds are stacked in my favour. Otherwise, I keep moving.

I might need to swing by the armoury and pick up... er... a MA5D. Newer model, more bullets, and it even comes with custom finishes too. I just need to figure out where the iron sights are on that thing. The lore says they're hidden but... where? Under the casing? Is there a cover I need to pop off from the weapon computer cowl? Must be it, right...?

I need an MA5D now. For science. And dakka.

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