Subject: I have a thought about the TARDISes.
Posted on: 2016-05-09 18:11:48 UTC

What if—and this is just an idea, mind—we let people fly them? I mean, this is HQ we're talking about. Probably the only places that surpass it in terms of people who would want to fly a TARDIS are World One and Gallifrey itself. With an entire Continuity Council of Time Lords running around, plus any agents who learned to fly them during the Macrovirus epidemic, there's bound to be a few agents around willing to act as instructors. Some of them might do it just to get a break from missions. There'd certainly be no shortage of students for them to teach, and we might even get a few agents who decide they want to keep theirs.

Okay, it might be a bit mad to leave a TARDIS in the hands of questionably sane individuals, but considering we already trust them with the disguise generator, the RA, and a multiversal armory...

Now I think about it, does Doctor Who have its own OFU yet? If so, loan a few to them. Show those fanbrats how hard it really is to fly the things. With the right security measures it should no more dangerous than giving students muggle-use wands. Heck, you could even go further with it, give TARDISes to a bunch of OFUs. Need a guaranteed safe haven in case of Mary Sue invasion? Boom, TARDIS.

...I can't actually think of any other uses an OFU would have for a TARDIS, but I'm sure there are at least a few more.

I don't know how many TARDISes we have in HQ, and we probably couldn't save all of them, but at least this way a few of them would get the use they deserve.

Do correct me if any of this is laughably infeasible. I am no more a Time Lord than I am an unfortunate cabbage salesman.

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