Subject: Actually...
Posted on: 2016-05-08 18:49:21 UTC

I was also talking about the MCU. dodges supression fire Eh, it's not our fault if Personnel didn't release a fiche about you stating your homeverse. Without that, we have to play guess about your verse and, well, the MCU is the one with the most attention for the moment, so it leads to that.

P.S.: Super Registration Act is a thing, but the dude supervising that is 'Thundrbolt' Ross, a guy who gives no duck about risks for civilians, is totally irresponsible when it comes to Hulk, who wanted a whole army like him, created the Abomination... Is that really the guy you would trust for the job? Or the government who pretty much gifted HYDRA with three Helicarriers or was ready to nuke Manhattan before complaining about how much damage the Avengers can cause?

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