Subject: It's all right.
Posted on: 2016-05-07 02:21:57 UTC

Knowing me, I probably took an RA and ran. I'm not a fighter: heck, I was thrown out of DMS because I chickened out when it came time for my first assassination. Not that I would've made a difference anyways— well, besides being a scrawny meat shield. I'm not good at very many things to be honest. Perhaps my flailing torso blocked a fatal blow to someone more important? That would've been okay with me, I think.

And it does sound like you survived a Suvian occupation. In that case, best of luck with your mission. Our timestreams may be mutually exclusive but I guess we're in the saving-a-doomed-timeline club together. Speaking of which, would you like help with that broom closet? I can arrange for someone from Security come over and shoo away whoever is chasing you.

-De Grasse

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