Subject: Right, let's see...
Posted on: 2016-05-06 11:58:06 UTC

My opinions on the members of our favourite little useless-drama club? You asked for it, you got it. Overall, they're a bunch of teens with serious angst issues that sit in a room and do nothing productive during their shouting matches. Y'know, aside from raiding museums and providing a source of antagonism for the HQ Daleks and pretending to be relevant when they did absolutely squat during the time they were active. It's honestly more of a social club with costumes more than anything.

The Fisherman seems like a fun guy. I haven't seen much of him lately but I hear he's a mellow fellow and great company overall. Out of all them, he's the one I'd trust the most— gut feeling. I just don't understand his name, though. Why "Fisherman"...?

Morgan. Oh, Morgan. She's always so angry about something— and that coupled with her drinking habits isn't a good combination. I haven't had much contact with her up until now but she's always struck me as an extremely guarded person with strong feelings. She's the sorta-ringleader of the ConCoun— for reasons I can't understand. I think It's doing more harm than good to her stress levels... and her liver.

I like Xandrialdimansiumar. When she's not busy brooding about something in her past, she's actually a little ray of sunshine. She's smart, collected, and a really good influence over my partner, Naya. The two have a romantic thing going on— they play it off as a huge joke by being overly saccharine when they're around me— but it's actually rather painfully obvious that they do care deeply for each other.

The Librarian. This guy... I don't respect a man who willfully abandons his unit while engaged with the enemy. His condescending attitude and general abrasiveness really doesn't help his cause either. The little I've seen of him in person just confirms that he's really not pleasant company. Apparently he's trying to turn over a new leaf with Arin's help, though. In that case, good luck with that to both of them.

Also, mark my words: if this doesn't turn out to be that situation where the weird, socially awkward boy falls in love with the girl that helped him come out of his shell, I swear to the gods that I will eat my hat.

The Disentangler and the Agent: lumping them together because I never see them apart. I don't really have an opinion on them due to the fact that I've never interacted with them whatsoever. So... moving on.

Antrilovorasilendar, the Notary. You know the Notary, I know the Notary, everyone knows the Notary... and loves to hate her. After all, anyone who makes it their personal mission to interfere with your work after you comment on a picture they carry with them is not right in the head. Now, this hints that she wasn't all bad in the past, sure— but we're dealing with the present now. And Present!Notary is not a good person. At this point I'm tired of her hateful little crusades against anyone who offends her. I just want her to grow out of her "I-hate-everyone" phase and find peace.

Ending on a high note: I like Arin. Apparently she considers me her second father or something— I'm not to sure how to feel about that. On one hand, I don't feel like I've done anything special to deserve her trust but on the other, she's a great kid and I want her to succeed in life.

As for the TARDISes... yeah, Inspector Chandra has been pushing for the decommissioning of the TARDIS fleet. In all honesty, I see the logic behind that. A TARDIS is a living thing too, you know— it needs to travel to stay healthy. Why d'you think the doors opened to Arin when she had her... episode? It was desperate to escape. DoSAT has got a whole room full of them gathering dust and doing nothing. Chances of reactivation are remote too, so... as loathe as I am to put down a TARDIS, this seems to be the humane thing to do. Forgetting about them and keeping them in limbo for all eternity is a hellish fate and the scrap material we can salvage from the TARDIS' innards can be repurposed to upgrade PPC technology.

So, tl;dr version: I'll assist if necessary, but it's not my call to make.

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