Subject: Trolls!
Posted on: 2016-05-04 18:17:10 UTC

Dat's a good question, Kevin. In da multiverse dere are tree-hun'red eighty-nine t'ousand an'a half kinds'a Troll. I know, 'cause I done da mat' on dat one personally. Dat's a lot'a Trolly Brethren ta choose from. Ya got yer monstrous Trolls, like dat roam da Scandawhovian wilds. Ya basic unda-da-bridge Trolls from Michigan (dat one's da half). Ya gnomish Trolls dat got electrocuted so dere hair stan's up. Some kinds is rocky and some kinds is grey wit horns. All kinds'a Trolls. So, if I had ta pick one, I gotta go wit da Jotnar Troll. I mean, come on! Ya seen one'a dose? Ting's like two-hun'red feet tall!. Dat'd be amazin'!

Anyway, I hope dat answer's ya question, Tim.

-Barid, da Troll

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