Subject: D'you not think we've tried?
Posted on: 2016-05-05 16:00:05 UTC

It's her AAT, it breeds! We managed to clear the decks once but we think Gavin left a soldering iron's wire sticking out of a drawer and, and the thing that it made still leaves these weird notes everywhere! They're burned into the walls! I--

Er, hello? Mister Rosedale? My name's Karen. Um. Al's probably going to be fine after he's been voltage-calmed, but, yeah, um... yeah. Bit tough to deal with her. We've put in for transfers I don't know how many times. Actually, er, quick question: you wouldn't happen to need any repairs technicians in BM, would you? Or, er, secretaries, or someone who can get the vending machines to work properly, or, y'know, that sort of thing...

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