Subject: I... hope it's not me.
Posted on: 2016-05-04 14:37:17 UTC

Ever since Agent Kaitlyn highlighted my... propensity towards... well, you know.

All right. My tendency to think of my race as superior, even in cases where- I mean, even though that's not true, I've tried to make improvements. I don't know for sure how well I've managed, though.

I've not met any of the others you mention, but I've heard that some - not all - Time Lords suffer from the same problem. If either of the pair you mention are unable to break out of the mindset that their species is better than any other, I would hazard that one of them would fit the bill.

Or maybe this is just me being haughty myself, thinking I've done well when I haven't...

-Agent Huinesoron, DOGA

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