Subject: I have graduated somewhat.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 07:44:21 UTC

Though my old pistol is as accurate as may be expected, I'm sure you understand that it is not suitable for every continuum. Why, just last week my partner and I were obliged to exterminate a Suvian in the feudal Japan of the Tales of the Otori, and a flintlock would have been entirely anachronistic. For occasions where melee combat is unavoidable, I have adopted a tactic from someone of whom I have heard many great things and taken to carrying a ball-peen hammer with me; our cover in the field is so often as a workman or artisan of some kind that such a weapon is perfectly innocuous. However, in science-fiction continua, I have been obliged to raid the Commander's gun cabinet, and have developed a particular affinity for the Farscape continuum's pulse weaponry - in particular the mini pulse pistol, a weapon I consider most suitable for covert carrying and use; in modern-dress continua, I favour the cheap and profligate Zastava M70, a pistol of Czech manufacture, as 9mm hardball is still more than enough to give the common-or-garden Suvian lacking in body armour a quite exceptionally bad day.

I trust this is a full answer to your question, and hope that I have not rambled and taken up too much of your time.

I remain, yr obdt. svt, Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne

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