Subject: Badly.
Posted on: 2016-05-04 16:40:30 UTC

Everything's been tryin' to kill me--have you seen those toaster things? One nearly took my arm off!

~This is Agent Alleb: Jesse shot the toaster. It was not trying to take his arm off. It does, however, burn toast magnificently.~

It nearly took my arm off, Alleb! It's snappier than a surly horse!

~It is not, Sir Jesse. Now kindly return to answering questions.~

Oh, fine! Darn knight. All the tekanalogy is either mean-spirited or possessed by somethin'. The people're weird, too. Still, ain't so bad after a little while. Better than sleepin' on the ground next to a herd of smelly cows.

Still don't know what that metal disk thing above the tub is...

--Jesse McKines

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