Subject: Oh, yes, "your shoes".
Posted on: 2016-05-05 12:32:36 UTC

Your big stompy boots, right? Not that I'm going to get into an argument about this, but no-one is saying Daleks in general are safe to be around. But you go around claiming PPC Agents are untrustworthy and evil because of their species. Your ilk are the reason wosserface, the vampire, Selene spends so much time sitting down the bar from me nursing her drink. It's oppersecuminatism. Or something.

I dunno why I'd want to ask the Notary anything. I'm sure you've got some sort of hatemance thing going on, that'd be about par for the course around here. "Raaaar, I hate you, you're under arrest, kiss me you mad fool," that sort of thing.

Haven't been back home. Don't trust the place any more. I'll go back and see my family and look at the flowers and then the Doctor'll jump in and throw everything into E-Space or send it back to Event One or grind it up to make angry Scottish cookies or something. No point. Can't have nice things.

Need a drink. Oh, hey, lookitthat.

((I think I may sober her up before her next reply; she's getting a bit much, and I didn't actually set out to create a morose drunken Time Lady... :-/))

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