Subject: Oh, yeah, the mission thing
Posted on: 2016-05-06 14:21:41 UTC

I do okay on missions. I'm DMS-Freelance, with a specialisation in fantasy (what, you thought I worked sci-fi?); the Flowers have developed a liking for keeping me without a partner and sending me in as a solo specialist when other departments need one. I don't like to write up what're really their missions, so I leave it to them.

... which, now I come to look, means there aren't any reports with me in them. I guess all my partners have been of the don't-like-writing variety.

But yeah, I do okay. Haven't gotten myself killed yet, at least. My biggest disaster was probably ducking through a wardrobe at the wrong time and spending sixty-odd years in Narnia before my partner followed me through (long story), but hey, Time Lady, I can cope with that.

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