Subject: I'm getting a lot of hate over this channel.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 12:59:16 UTC

Repeat message, over.

In all seriousness, though, is it really a stretch to believe that people can change opinions over time? I won't say more given the fact that you aren't sober and have a firmly entrenched idea of who I am. Even the best tennis player will lose against a wall, you know.

And what is it with you younglings and seeing romance everywhere? It's absolutely maddening. Apparently you can't have a good old-fashioned grudge anymore. Nowadays there's got to be some sexual tension involved. Do grow up.

Quite frankly, your pessimism at Gallifrey's situation is a bit overboard. From an out-of-continuum perspective, the BBC won't try to pull the 'Time Lords Are Evil!' card out of its hat that soon. Besides, haven't you seen Hell Bent? The Doctor destroyed the old order during his last visit. We have a chance to truly reclaim the Homeworld and impose reforms that will pull us out of the Dark Ages and into a brighter future. Have faith-- we can do this.


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