Subject: Response from the Guardsman and Gaspard
Posted on: 2016-05-06 03:23:05 UTC


I don't own a TARDIS, son. Never did— unless you count my old regiment's Battle TARDIS and that one Type-103 we caught a ride in once. Back in the War, the standard disguise for a TARDIS was a reinforced neosteel bunker with gun ports, several exit hatches, and an entrance to the TARDIS proper. We needed a sturdy and practical design to carry us into the battlefield— something that would protect us as we deployed and provide cover during a fight. Nothing fancy, really: but "fancy" is just that much more likely to break.

As for the humanoid TARDIS... I hated that thing. It's freaky and it talks back to you and it's just full of nope. It made the most awful psychic noise when it died— I still get spooked just thinking about it.


It's a bit difficult, but I can actually use it without a CMC. The trigger needs two fingers to properly pull on it and the lack of an actual stock and the sheer weight of the Impaler makes it difficult to fire but so long as it's set to three-round burst, I can actually tear those paper targets a new one.

This, of course, means that I'm absolutely incapable of using it in a fight without the CMC. And why would I get into a fight anyways? I'm a dime-a-dozen office drone, not an actual agent.

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