Subject: I would love to tell you...
Posted on: 2016-05-04 15:33:40 UTC

But then, I would get killed. And this is no joke to avoid answerin'.

The majority of warlock research and knowledge is stored in the archives of the Spiral Labyrinth. And at this point, if I say anythin' more, my geis will activate, so excuse me but I'd rather live for few more centuries. All I can say is, there is space between worlds called "the Void". Pandemonium is a rumored city of demons in the very centre of the Void. I'm a half-demon and I burn a lot of stamina when casting magic. Connect the dots, love.

P.S.: Y'all better brace yourselves. VJ says she's going to your RC to "collect the tribute". DO NOT LET HER TAKE ANYTHIN' ELSE!

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