Subject: Blarg. I feel awful.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 13:36:32 UTC

... it's really annoying not being able to ask what day it is because you Just Know the answer. Oh well.

I see that I was an utterly awful conversationalist those last few messages; I'm just going to offer a blanket 'sorry' for everything I said there. Moving on? Moving on.

I don't know you. You work in security, which predisposes me to dislike you, but okay, you might be an okay person. I'll keep an open mind about that.

'Younglings'... heh. You know that thing where Legolas says the trees of Fangorn almost make him feel young again, as he hadn't since travelling with "you children"? Yeah, welcome to being a tree. Seriously, why do the Flowers recruit so many young agents? Couldn't they wait until they're 40 or 50 or so and give them time to mature? I dunno. I need a- no, no I don't.

Gallifrey. Gallifrey, Gallifrey, Gallifrey. Did the Doctor throw out the 'old order'? He kicked out Rassilon - which, y'know, might not have been the best idea anyway - but when was the last time Gallifrey had a nice political structure? I grew up around the time of the Sontaran invasion; I don't know what you were up to back then, but I remember very clearly the oppressed underclass we called Outsiders invading the Citadel. I love my planet, but it could be a rotten place if you weren't on the Council itself.

Also... well, do we really want the Time Lords to be active in the universe? I mean, we're not the most stable of races, and with time travel it only takes one nutcase to - oh - murder half of Logopolis and lead to the destruction of half the universe? For example.

I dunno. I just... I don't trust Gallifrey, is the problem. I don't trust it not to die on me, and I don't trust it to be sane towards the rest of reality. I want to go home... but I don't think 'home' ever really existed.

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