Subject: Oh, you were from there as well!?
Posted on: 2016-05-08 03:29:44 UTC

Then likewise, it's nice to meet a fellow housemate. And I'm glad that you spared from apparently worse parts of your home badfic. My partner came from a pretty horrible ''Digimon'' one and she had live through most of it before agents in charge could properly deal with the fic and rescue her.

Did you get to finish Hogwarts before ended up here? For my part, I already had and had begun training to be a healer, as was traditional in family , apparently, before my fic got deleted and I ended up here through a plothole.

Well, from what I remember, playing was quite a fun experience. My teammates were probably not fleshed out all that much, so I can't comment on what it was playing in the team. What I can say is that it did payoff pretty later on. The strenght that is needed to batter up those Bludgers comes quite in handy for physically attacking Warior Sues, for examples.

And well, it is somewhat rare to actually get to play Quidditch around here, though I try to do it as much possible.But have ever try to play in the All-HQ Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich League? Granted, that game is not quite actual Quidditch and may more suited for Beaters anyway, but it is a pretty good substitute and a fine game on its own.

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