Subject: Heeeey, if it isn't HQ's biggest racist!
Posted on: 2016-05-05 09:20:51 UTC

How're you doing? Snubbed any interesting species lately? I know a few you could persecute unreasonably without fear of starting a minor war if you're interested.

I may be drunk, but I'm not drunk enough to gossip about my colleagulants with you. Except the Notary, because seriously, the Notary. Have you met her? She's an awful person. I thought she was misunderstood, but NOPE. She's just awful.

Kind of like you. You should get together. She could claim Time Lords are innately superior to someone, you could claim the same someone is irredeemably evil, and then you could make little bigoted babies together. It's be like reality TV, but even worse.

Wait, HQ doesn't have a reality TV show yet. I should talk to the folks at Nutmeg...

((She's drunk, and she's angry at the Notary over this, and to my memory she's not had much contact with the Guardsman since the initial 'all Daleks must be persecuted whatever their circumstances' conversation. If you want actual answers, ask OOC and she'll be happy to give them. _~))

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