Subject: Replies
Posted on: 2016-05-07 13:40:33 UTC

Henry: Well, it has been interesting so far. Aiko likes quite a bit of Magical Girl shows, so we tend to get dragged into badfics for those occasionally. The magic in most of those is quite different from the one I use. Most don't have defined spells behind those special attacks used to defeat monsters.

The closest to the Potterverse magic system that I have seen would probably be that Nanoha show and even that is still quite different. Way flashier and more destructive, but still somehow less lethal in most fights. I haven't seen that one firsthand in a mission yet though. That will likely prove to a quite interesting experience.

Aiko: Well, the obvious choice for my favorite season would have to be a tie between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. Those are where my parents came from, after all. It is really nice to watch what they were like when they were younger, how they were such strong friends. Though watching the epilogue to 02 is still somewhat of a sore point for me. It reminds me that I couldn't possibly exist in canon. I mean, there is no official word way or the other on wheter they got together, but it is pretty clear that they both had sons regardless. It is always a difficult momentfor me.

But it always refreshing to see what Davis was really like. He may have been jealous about mom, but he was a good friend and not anything like the monster they made him out to be in my home badfic.

Picking a least favorite season is the hardest choice. I will have to admit that I probably haven't watched as many seasons as I should have, being from that universe and all. I'm most familiar with the first four seasons. Out of Tamers and Frontier, I don't think there is one I dislike all that much. Though if I had to pick, I would have to say Frontier. It is not a bad season per say, but the differences between it and the others seasons tend to be a point of contention from what I have heard.

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