Subject: Re: Future Past
Posted on: 2016-05-05 22:38:02 UTC

Mary Sue invasion? No, we never dealt with that. But perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea to bulk up External Security and Internal Affairs some more... I'll send Tacitus to do it later, then. Time is of the essence.

As for my future... it's complicated. It happened once, in an alternate timeline. Then travellers from that timeline came back and told us of the oncoming civil war. Naturally, it got complicated— efforts to prevent the civil war resulted in an even more insidious and aggressive DoE— and so after that conflict came to an end some close friends came back from the future to prevent the original timeline from being altered. And I'm caught in the middle, trying to make sure that the timeline doesn't revert back to the apocalypse scenario.

So technically, yes: we do exercise some control over the timeline. We just have to play our cards carefully...

What else can you tell me about your invasion? What happened? Was there an occupation?

-De Grasse

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