Subject: Our answers.
Posted on: 2016-05-04 14:51:47 UTC

Constance: I don't miss it. You're right, there's a few things I do miss - not having to go shopping, easy access to medications, the social aspects of HQ, being able to choose which of my departments to spend the day on, the occasional 'lull you into a false sense of security' quiet days, the weapons, the-

Dafydd: Er, Connie...

Constance: ... but I don't miss it. Honest. Your turn.

Dafydd: Well... I don't miss the stress, or the hours, or the working conditions and superiors in general. The job itself? I don't miss the brain-melting aspects of it. Or the parts that lead to, e.g., people's hands getting blown up. And I can't tell you how happy I am not to have to feel narrative compression every time I step out of the door.

Oleander: I miss the sweeties!

Constance: ... you weren't in the PPC, Ol.

Oleander: Bu' I want to be in the BBC! I want to.

Dafydd: Not until you're much older, baby boy.

Jasmine: Yeah, Olly. Like me. I'm much older than you.

Oleander: I want to be older than you. I want to.

Tanfin: That's not how being older works, Oleander.

Oleander: But! I! Want! To!

Dafydd: ... Connie? I think we can turn the camera off now.


((And writing small children continues to be very easy when you actually have them. Luckily, the 'I want it/You can't have it/But I WANT it' style of argument seems to fade away by age 5... ~hS))

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