Subject: Hypothetical? Key, you never told me I was hypothetical!
Posted on: 2016-05-06 01:41:51 UTC

((OOC: Of course you're hypothetical. That's why you can talk to me. And why none of the real agents ever talk to you.))

Aw, shoot. I wondered about that.

((OOC: This is an AU, though; you can talk to them now.))

Sweet! Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet! Gah, it's such a pain only having Key to talk to. Especially since she's always sniggering about plans she has for me.

((OOC: Being hypothetical means you don't have to go on missions, though.))

I don't know why everyone complains about missions; they sound really cool! There's magic and weapons and sexytimes with your favorite characters, all in the name of justice! I wish Key would at least let me read the reports...

((OOC: I cannot wait to send you on a mission.))

See what I mean about sniggering?

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