Subject: Ah, that's better.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 20:48:11 UTC

Remember: I'm older than everybody on the Continuity Concil combined-- so show some respect to your elders, please.

Well, not only did the Doctor throw a vengeful Rassilon out into the outer edge of the spacetime continuum, he also shipped the rest of the High Council with him. Now, of course there's no way in hell that is going to come around and bite him in the ass but that's besides the point. A new government will form, probably full of men and women who have witnessed firsthand the War and who will want nothing to do with it. We were never a prolific race, but our numbers were severely affected by the War-- we can't afford to ignore parts of our population anymore. Besides, there were many Outsider military units that distinguished themselves over the course of the conflict: the Dry Lands Fusiliers, the 77th Airborne, and hell-- some of them even made it into the Marines. Their sacrifices won't be forgotten anytime soon. Point is-- I feel we're a lot more unified than before. We'll rise from the ashes and rebuild.

And our new role doesn't have to be active-- if we so much stick our heads out again, we're going to trigger a new Time War. The new government knows that and I doubt they'd strike when we have no desire to fight anymore.

But I suppose I'm biased. I sank three and a half millennia into fighting for the safety of the Homeworld-- I'm not going to let our second chance go to waste.


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