Subject: Well, let's see.
Posted on: 2016-05-06 08:58:34 UTC

Ruby Shipwright Fisherman: I like Red. He's not a grump. That's kind of a rarity among our Time Lords - or Time Lords in general, just look at the Doctor's most recent set of eyebrows!

Tigereye Castellan Morgan: Wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her.

Citrine Theorist/Onyx Monitor Reader: Our little radical. I hear she's been going through some angst outside the Council, but in my head, she's pretty much the one who'd be most likely to stop being a Time Lord out of dislike for our history.

Jade Warden Librarian: Green is actually really useful if you want to know stuff. When I- this is out of continuity, right? So I'm allowed to say this. When I had my little breakdown and took over the multiverse, I really wanted the Librarian on my side; I think if we'd had him, we wouldn't have failed at the end. He is a grump, though.

Sapphire Watcher Disentangler: Dis is fun. She has no respect for the Council, but, well, you've read about them, right? And when the Notary starts acting up, it's good to have someone on hand to snark about her. I can't (much), due to my role, so... yeah, I like Dis.

Amethyst Keeper Agent: Pink is simultaneously Dis's partner in crime, and her straight man. Also, he doesn't get furious when I call him Pink. I like him.

Spinel Promotor Notary: The Notary is a hateful, Rassilon-loving racist with a cruel streak a mile wide. I can't believe I ever thought she was in any way worth having around.

Moonstone Sentry Aviator: The new kid. The Aviator is pretty quiet at Council meetings most of the time, but when she does talk, she seems to have a sound head on her shoulders. I don't particularly know her as a person, but as a colleague, I have no problems with her.

((I'll highlight that these are Morgan's opinions, not mine. She doesn't particularly socialise with the Ave-Librarian-Reader group, so her opinions aren't too grounded in reality. And she's really angry at the Notary.))

((And yes, fittingly for the race who change their names to The Noun on a semi-regular basis, what she calls people is absolutely significant. ~hS))

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