Subject: Replies.
Posted on: 2016-05-06 07:44:24 UTC

Nikki: My magic is pretty much stable now. In fact, in my last month or so in the PPC the only thing that still happened was the random mermaid transformation - but I'm learning how to control that, too. There have been a couple occasions in which it was actually useful, like that time against Alyxx Heart, so that's the only "alternate" transformation for my magic that I don't want to lose after all. I still haven't been able to force the costume change into something diffferent than a seashell bra, though. That's annoying.

Sergio: About Card Captor Sakura... Well, neither of us was expecting that. It's a strange feeling.

Nikki: Yeah. In a way, that will let me see how different from Sakura I am... though, to be fair, I'm not very interested in that anymore.

Sergio: We got asked if we could come back in case of a badfic explosion, by the way. We're not doing that, but we might take on some missions as contractors. Not doing anything about that would feel wrong.

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