Subject: Answers from Terabyte, the Guardsman, and Tacitus
Posted on: 2016-05-08 04:22:48 UTC


I am a single geth unit, upgraded with Reaper code and further enhanced by Commander Wilson Shepard's synthesis with the Crucible. My initial upgrades have permitted me to become a true intelligence and thus utilize a combat platform without the need to network with other geth. The second upgrade has enhanced my sentience, allowing me to fully understand what it means to be an organic.


Naya and Terabyte know and so do Arin and Xandria. Out of all of them, Naya took it the hardest, actually. She clung to me for several hours after I had talked to her about it, asking me to resign from the PPC and go back home where I'd be safer. I never thought she'd have this reaction to me— she's always so standoffish.


I need to be hated. When interacting with a client, I retain a professional attitude; one needs to maintain Madam's good reputation after all. However, any and all who attempt to get too friendly will be dealt with accordingly. Trust only leads to betrayal: it's a slow and insidious process. Nobody came for me back when I needed it the most— why should this time be any different? Why now? Time has taught me that my only worth is as an information broker and an insufferable presence. I know my place and I act like it.

But then I realized that I could be useful. People hate me, avoid me by nature. When I enter a room, they all turn away, form groups, and talk amongst themselves, making sure that I don't get a chance to insert myself in the conversation. They spread rumours about me and slander my name, furthering my isolation. When I sell some highly personal information on someone, they all rush to the "victim" and send them their support and sympathy. And that is good. You see, when I'm around, they band together and cooperate. They are together. I did this. Through my actions, they can have something which I will never know: friendship. Support. Maybe even companionship.

Everyone loves to hate and fight a villain. I just so happen to play the part perfectly.

And I hate every single moment of this [CENSORED] existence.

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