Subject: " It was ... Pretty much a revengefic, " Aiko replied to Richard ((still slightly NSFW))
Posted on: 2016-02-12 04:52:16 UTC

" apparently, the Suethor hated Rini so much for being a brat that they had Serena do ... Unspeakable things to her. I'm not gonna lie, she can be quite annoying sometimes, specially if we're talking her in the first anime, but how in the Dark Ocean could this person that could possibly justify ... THAT is still Glaurunging beyond me."

She took a deep breath to try to calm herself down before continuing, " But yeah, at least Filicidal!Serena was pretty easy to take down. Sailor Moon characters have parts of their souls that can get taken out by villians and we basically exploited that to pretty much instantly kill her."

" As for your question, Bleeprin is a medicine made out of bleach and aspirin. We use it to erase scarring image caused by particularly awful badfics from our brains. You can take them in pills or combined with certain foods or drink, such as chocolate or non-alcoholic beverages, " At this point, Aiko got an odd expression, " though the latter still get people drunk, somehow. Anyway, Bleeprin is the reason why bleepfic are called that. They are badfics that are awful that they make you reach for excessive amounts of Bleeprin production to get rid of the horrifying mental images , but sometimes even that is not enough ... "

Henry scowled upon hearing Nikki and Sergio describe their respective first missions. " Seems that we weren't the only ones to have it pretty rough on our first mission, then. But seriously, why do they keep doing that? That can only lead to more agents going flamethrower more often and earlier. It doesn't make any Glaurunging sense!"

Aiko shuddered and gulp upon hearing the horrifying description. " Why would anyone do something like that? Triviliasing rape for the sake of cheap drama, not mention trivialising Glaurunging MASS MURDER! For Azulongmon's sake, why, just why!? Seriously, Shamal doing something so horrible is about as likely as Serena hating Rini to point that she would do such horrible things to her. They're two of the kindest canons in the multiverse, they would never do such a thing. Specially Serena after finding out that Rini is actually her daughtet, though she cared about her very much and did all she could to protect her even before anyone knew that."

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