Subject: Henry smiled appreciately at Sergio and Corolla
Posted on: 2016-02-05 17:17:47 UTC

" It's nice to properly meet, um ... Corolla, was it? And it's nice to meet you too, Nikki. And thank you both for being so understand. And yeah, I'm surprised I did THAT well. I mean, I'm just a newbie with very few missions under my belt and you guys, well ... I have only being here for a short while but I have already heard about your missions. Seems you guys were pretty amazing back when you were still active. And Sergio, you did pretty well in that fight we had. You're not half bad with a sword, I must say." He then offered a hand shake to Sergio.

Aiko bowed slightly back at Nikki. " Well met, Nikki and Corolla. And well, I have to say I didn't do that well in there, either. Definitely shouldn't have accepted any water after they flooded the Arena. Glaurunging Single Tears ... Anyway, I heard about you guys too , but I have being around here for longer, growing up in the Nursery after being rescued from a badfic and all. You did quite a quite few missions into Card Captor Sakura and the Nanohaverse, didn't you? And into a few crossovers with Henry's home continuum, Harry Potter, too, I think."

((Hardric, you can have Marina and Richard join them if you want. They were in the same District, after all, even if they didnt actually met in-game. Plus, we are going to do that co-write at some point, so it would be nice if the four of them actually meet beforehand.))

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