Subject: "Oh, nothing special about me." Corolla said.
Posted on: 2016-02-07 12:40:15 UTC

"I was just a bit character in a badfic Sergio got assigned several years ago. I was supposed to be a Generic Casualty, but I managed to cling to life long enough for him to notice me, and so I was brought to Medical, patched up, and assigned as his partner."

"As you can guess by my appearance, I was a Sakura replacement from a crossover fanfiction including Card Captor Sakura," Nikki explained, "and when that fic was abandoned I ended up being dragged across several other fic in need of a Sakura replacement, ended up losing a good chunk of my memories, and ultimately I fell in the PPC through a plothole. I then ran into Sergio and Corolla, and ended up working with them."

"Me?" Sergio asked, "Well, I'm a badfic recruit. Plain and simple."

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