Subject: Over in a corner of the pub...
Posted on: 2016-02-05 14:41:59 UTC

...three Spies sat together, nursing their drinks. They glanced up at the stage when Kuroko and Aya began to speak, then returned to their conversation.

"So, as I was saying, if it weren't for that flood, I could've easily won," said Harris, leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms over his chest. "You'd just have to lone wolf it from there. I mean, half of the time these people were getting backstabbed-- so the obvious safe route is to work alone."

Spoken like a true sociopath, scribbled Tacitus in his notebook. Yet another thing to add on your raging narcissism complex. The Zorua pushed the notebook to the centre of the table for all to read.

"Why you--!" Harris shot a withering glance at Tacitus, who returned the look with a creepy smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Look who's talking, you creep. You're just mad because you got your head smashed in by Derik!"

Tacitus shrugged and returned to his doggie dish filled with Bleepka.

"Nah, Tacitus is right, man," said Yakov in between sips of his Firewhiskey. "You gotta team up to survive."

"Oh, sure," said Harris huffily. "And look at you: downed by Luxury and her canteen of Single Tears. Working in a group is an invitation to get backstabbed, I tell you. Lone wolf it-- it's better. And speaking of lone wolf..." he looked around. "Did anyone see Gaspard? I thought he'd be here."

Tacitus shrugged and Yakov said: "Iunno. Maybe he wants some alone time."

"His alone time is all the time," replied Harris. "Oh, wait. I see him. He's sitting alone at the counter. Geez, what a weirdo. Can't even sit and socialize properly, can he? I told him already-- I persuaded him to sign up for his own good! Fine, then. Stay in your corner. Have fun over there. Your friends are over here, if you're looking for them."

Yakov shrugged. "Well, if it's what he wants... I don't see why we should bother him."

Tacitus looked back and forth at his two colleagues. I don't even think he has friends, he thought to himself. Not my problem, though.

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