Subject: "I'm just asking for the table next of yours"
Posted on: 2016-02-06 07:39:09 UTC

"There is no need for anyone to move away, provided you don't wait anyone else," Richard said, "and yes, I was on District Newbie, but both me and my partner were eliminated after this Single Tears flood, and none of us were going after people before that, so... Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. Richard Legard, DMS, Freelance Division, and this is my partner, Marina Nicodelli," Richard said, pointing at his partner at the bar, before facing again Henry, Aiko and their companions. "Nice to meet you too. But who are the people with — Wait, did you said Blank Sprite? You-you're agents Sergio Turbo, Nikki Cherryflower, and Corolla?"

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