Subject: Nikki put a hand on Aiko's shoulder. ((NSFW as well))
Posted on: 2016-02-11 23:40:50 UTC

"That must've been terrible, and... well, I think that was too much for a first mission. But... well, I don't think I had much better. Mine was a hurt/comfort rapefic with Sakura as the victim... not pretty, especially since that Sakura was around my age so she looked like me. I will never thank whoever invented Bleeprin enough."

"Mine was a Lyrical Nanoha one in which Shamal broke down and went on an amnesiac killing streak against some street thugs," Sergio recalled, "afterwards, when Signum got her to calm down rather intimately, the message that was passed was along the lines of 'oh, you killed some random people but now you calmed down so it's OK'. But, really, the truly scary thing that day was the fact that I had been parnered with Luxury for the mission. Luckily I didn't run into her at the Games."

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