Subject: Kuroko smiled to the crowd.
Posted on: 2016-02-06 09:59:15 UTC

"Well... The trophy you could barely see before Lola disappeared from view was the Golden Luxray Rider." "Like last year," Aya continued for her, "the trophy is based on the most iconic happening of the season, and seems that the odd partnership between Corolla and Zeb caught the viewers' interest!"

The two hosts looked around, and noticed that most of the people at Rudi's wasn't very interestend in the ceremony at all.

"Well... I guess it's time to say bye to our viewers, isn't it?" Aya wondered. "I think so. Thank you for watching!"

And as theys said that, the two girls walked off the stage.

((hS, if you want you can have the NutMeg staff give additional awards.))

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