Subject: James reached over and shook Algie's hand.
Posted on: 2016-02-09 06:26:36 UTC

It took a moment due to Algie's general wobbliness, but they eventually got it done.

"Nice to properly meet you both," James said. "Even if we had met during the Games, it didn't strike me as the kind of place that fostered too much friendly banterin'.

"As for your initial question, I wasn't from Long War myself. I am familiar with it, though. Had a few Long War-focused missions. Right slice of hell even without the crossover stuff." He paused long enough to take a sip from his bourbon. "No, I was from an alternate version of what my partner refers to as the 'vanilla' timeline. No meld, no EXALT, just us little humans against the universe. I wish we had someone like Buffy on our side. Closest we got was this guy from Germany who thought the aliens sucked human blood." He smiled at the thought, but it faltered a bit as something occurred to him. "I fell out of the 'verse before I could see the end of the war. Found out later that things... didn't go very well."

James paused a moment, but then shook his head. "Ah, but that's the past. This is about the now, about celebratin' your victory and mournin' our failure. If me and my friends couldn't make it, I'm glad to see that someone else from the Com did." He offered his glass in toast. "To the champ."

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